Hipnotisks tehno ar relīzēm no Holding Hands, Diffuse Reality, Hayes, Truncate, Fossil Archive un citiem skaņu ierakstu leiblliem.


Sepehr - Fall From Grace (Garmo)
Dawn Razor - Not Collect (Holding Hands)
SHFT - Quantum Forest (Quilla Records)
* Amber Tune of the Week
Adam & Steve - Fighting Fools (Adam & Steve)
Fergus Sweetland - Do You Like Sound? (Hayes)
Altinbas - Helical (Observer Station)
Lorenzo Mauro - Synthesis (Diffuse Reality Records)
Noaria - Voyager 1 (Gynoid Audio)
Fergus Sweetland - Piana (Dub) (Hayes)
Truncate - Concentrate (Remastered 2023) (Truncate)
Jamie Anderson & Robert Owens - Talk With Myself (R.M.K Remix) (Fossil Archive)
SHFT - Pyro (Quilla Records)