Šajā Amber Muse šova epizodē izskan jauns Queer on Acid pagrīdes house mūzikas mikss.


Ben Sun – Tether (Cyphon Records)
Falm – Living with Sound (Remmah)
Peffa – Routine (Rush Hour)
Ben Sun – Self & Other (Cyphon Records)
Kolter – Up in the Sky (Shall Not Fade)
Tour-Maubourg – Synchrony (Alterral)
Zeypner Erbay – Dream Of You (Baldo Remix) (Exploited)
Acid Jerks – Ace of Spade (Local Talk)
Queer on Acid – My Religion (Step Rec)
* Amber Tune of the Week
Dusky – Hawthorn (Running Back)
Javonntte – Deep… Into You (Rawax)
Greetings – Look Within (Boots & Legs)