Aizraujoša techno un house mūzika no Stelios Vassiloudis, Ste Roberts, Dylan Forbes, Lorenzo Chi u.c.

Enea Pascal – iPad Breakdance (Ivreatronic)
EM+STAV – Endless (Joylift)
Stelios Vassiloudis - #include.unistd (Conforce Remix) (Kontakt Records)
Mucho Sueno - No Comply (Air Texture)
Ste Roberts – Insomniac (Alien Communications)
Lorenzo Chi – Dark Purple (Furriet Records)
Apaull – Blue Tape (Ross Harper Remix) (Furnace Records)
Joline Scheffler – Robots In Universe (H-Productions)
Tom Place – Break Cycle (Fly By Night Rec)
* Amber Tune of the Week
Strandtuch – Oh Yh BG Band (Miura)
Vitaline - Sex in the Forest (Dylan Forbes Remix) (ItineraireBis Records)
Silicon Minds – Room #XXIX (Vibraphone)
Nathalie Capello – Alternate (Hot Haus)