Amber Muse radiostunda ar elektroniskās mūzikas jaunumiem no Forest Drive West, Al Wootton, Tom VR, Rick Silver, Sei A u.c.
Forest Drive West - Lost Signal (Livity Sound)
Bambounou x Bruce - Final Conference (Bambe)
Rick Silver - Group Funk (UZ MI Records)
Sei A - The Other Side of (Aus Music)
KAAP - Godspeed (ÆX)
Arkajo - Void Pyramid - B (Arkajo)
Al Wootton - Sancode (Livity Sound)
VHS - Casa (Hayes)
* Amber Tune of the Week
Clotur - Narrative Changing (Hayes)
Jayson Wynters - The Hunted (Delsin Records)
The Mountain Range - Mountainfall (BROR Records)
Surgeons Girl - Last Wave (Inside Out Records)
Tom VR - October (All My Thoughts)